What Makes a Woman Sexy?

I was dating my then boyfriend, husband now, for just a little while, when we were trying diets and different exercise routines regularly.  I was gaining and loosing weight, looked less and more healthy, depending what crazy idea we were experimenting on for the moment.

I was desperately trying to look good and since we have been dating only for a little while, straight out sexy, specifically to my boyfriend.  However I was 23 and would have tried every program and promise for any ok results, just to understand myself better and did I mention that I wanted to look hot?:)))

Luckily I had a revolutionary, simple idea.  It was simple in the way that it was the easiest thing to do with the most rewards.  Trust me when I say, it has instantly changed my life!

What is sexy?  What is sexy to you?  What makes a woman sexy? I have blurted out these questions and was eagerly listening to his answers.  I knew what he will say.  Big breasts, round booty, make up and blonde hair, I probably have fit every sex symbol hotness mark in one, little idea, which I was sure about and worked hard towards to gain every single aspect of.

What he said, simply shocked me!

Now I am sure different guys would have completely different answers to this question.  I am sure that for a lot of guys the size of the breasts matters a lot or the booty, or the hair color or the clothes, ect.  However more videos I have watched on this subject, more guys I have listened to, I was even more amazed.

“Healthy is sexy” said Sye first.  Wow, are you kidding with me?  Than I must be really sexy because I was always about health 🙂  “Femininity, kindness, care, nurturing, listening…those are sexy” he went on about it.

Wow, wow, wow, then why is every guy after the hottest chick?  They are, but not necessarily looking for a relationship…putting it the nicest way 🙂

Then years later he said something about that subject again, he called self control sexy and a woman who doesn’t over indulge.  That was a little more personal, I guess 🙂  But it hit me on the right spot and I have turned his advice to work instantly and I have developed a self control system that rocked my whole world, thanks to that one remark.

So where am I going with this?

Ask questions!  Don’t just assume that you know your men’s deepest secrets and desires.  You love each other, it is safe to pop the question, “what makes a woman sexy?”

Then just wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, then listen and listen more and listen more and he basically will tell you what he does like about you and if you listen even more, he will even tell you what he likes in other women better.  Then if you are  a smart woman, and why wouldn’t you be, you will soak his words up to your heart and not take it personally but as a chance for growth.

Then I would ask more questions to make it sure you fully understand, what the heck he is talking about and I would even go as far as say, “How can I do that?  How can I be like that?  What do you recommend for me?  Then he gets really excited, because he knows that you didn’t misunderstood him and wont be angry at him and he is in the safe zone and he will tell you, voluntarily all of his secrets he ever had.

Now I think this would work with a friend, a mother, father, your kids, with basically anybody who knows you well enough and I go even further, why would this question not work with strangers as well?  Watch some of the whats sexy videos on youtube and I guarantee they will blow your mind.

I told Sye I want to interview him for 5 minutes.  After making this 26 minutes video, I felt like I could talk with him about this subject for another hour!  Then I wanted to talk about man, what makes man sexy?  I so will make another video about that, I have sooo much to say about that :)))

Watch our video, give us a thumbs up and let me know in the comments, what you think makes a woman sexy please! 🙂

Hugs, csilla