Bart Kay Challenges Gil Carvalho On Nutrition Science Advice

Bart Kay Vs Gil Carvalho | A Review Of Vegan Nutritional Advice With An Ex-Vegan

Today I had a talk with Bart Kay. We watched a video by Dr. Gil Carvalho while Bart critiqued Gil’s advice.

You might be shocked at what Bart had to say. If you’ve bought into the ideological teachings of Veganism, you’ll probably even be mad.

Whatever you believe about food and nutrition science, the things Bart says will make you question just how much you know.

This is my 2nd time creating a video with Bart. I respect his views and his mission. He’s “a former senior lecturer in clinical physiology (both cardiovascular and respiratory), and in exercise physiology, nutrition, research methods, and statistics. “Part of Bart’s mission is to set the record straight about the facts and fallacies in Nutrition and physiology!” Quotes from Bart’s Youtube channel, BartKay – Nutrition Science Watchdog

I like that Bart says exactly what he thinks.

Below is the main video we critiqued. Under the video I’ve added direct quotes from Dr. Gil Carvalho, and I’ve included the minute marks in the videos where I got the quotes from.

Gil Carvalho, MD PhD

Professional scientist answers nutrition questions

2:25 Minute Mark “Saturated Fat Raises Our Cholesterol Levels And Our Risk Of Heart Disease, That’s Established.”

3:45 Minute Mark: Regarding Eggs compared to oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. “So if we are talking oatmeal and fruit, yeah, that’s going to be more health promoting.”

5:00 Minute Mark: “The more saturated fat you eat, the higher your blood cholesterol level, up to that very high end range where it starts to level off.” My question. Is it safe to go that higher level, or is it a concern at all?

5:20 Minute Mark: The experts are in agreement that raising our HDL, what people call our good cholesterol doesn’t really help, doesn’t lower our risk of heart disease? Is there any truth in this?

5:40 Minute Mark: Do we need to eat meat to be healthy? “The truth is, we don’t; We can be very healthy without meat, or even any animal product.” 6:08 Minute Mark: “Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to eat meat.”

6:16 Minute Mark: There’s no nutrient in meat that we can’t find somewhere else.” “It’s absolutely a choice.”

6:46 Minute Mark: You’re getting more protein than you need, whether you choose to eat animal products, or not.”

7:38 Minute Mark: “Same with calcium; you can get it from animal products, like dairy, or you can get it from plants, your call.” “Some of the richest sources of calcium are plants; things like Kale, Collard Greens. They have more calcium than milk, and it’s actually more bioavailable.”

8:12 Minute Mark: Regarding Iron: “You can get it from animals or plants; Plenty or iron in both.”

8:25 Minute Mark: “Heme iron is a pro-oxidant that’s been linked to a number of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.”

9:19 Minute Mark: “What’s the deal with vegetarianism/veganism? Is it healthy?” “Yes, it can be an extremely healthy lifestyle; No, you’re not going to be deficient in any nutrients, and you may be at lower risk for some common diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, for example

10:04 Minute Mark: Regarding B12 “B12 Deficiency is surprisingly common, even among people who eat animal products.” “There’s 3 basic sources of B12, animal foods, fortified foods, and supplements; and they’re all equally effective.” “It’s a personal choice.”

10:46 Minute Mark: “So the science just keeps revealing new risks associated with the consumption of animal foods.” 11:02 Minute Mark: “As the amount of and frequency of consumption of animal products rises, the risk of disease also rises.”

11:24: “What’s important is that you try to get the bulk of your nutrients, and the bulk of your calories from whole plants.”

Regarding Studies on Meat: 11:54 Minute Mark: “So the general picture is pretty clear, which is why the recommendations are so consistent; To favor fruits and vegetables and legumes and whole grains, and go easy on the saturated fat and the cholesterol”

Generally Dr Gil is recommending that people try to keep their cholesterol low. Should people want lower cholesterol?

What our ancestors ate doesn’t matter | Keep’n it simple:

2:30 Minute Mark: “Not eating enough whole grains is one of the main causes of disease and death world wide”

3:15 Minute Mark: “The modern scientific evidence says we don’t need meat.” 3:26 Minute Mark “Ideally we want to try to get most of our calories, including protein, from whole plants.”

The Game Changers | Addressing the Controversy

4:30 Minute Mark: “Every leading expert or nutrition scientist will tell you essentially the same thing; Lots of fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the processed foods, red meat, and high fat dairy.”

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What kind of diet do you follow? Did you enjoy Bart’s critique of Dr. Gil Carvalho? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s my original interview with Bart Kay

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My Kroger Stores Healthy Grocery List In Video

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Best Walmart Healthy And Value Foods

Looking For The Best Walmart Healthy Foods For The Least Money?

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Does Walmart Have A Lot Of Healthy Foods?

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Vegan VS Meat Eater Nutrition Science With Bart Kay

Bart Kay Answers Questions About Diet And Nutrition Science From An Unusual Perspective

Today I interviewed Bart Kay, the Nutrition Science Watchdog on the subjects of Diet and Performance.

I think this interview will be interesting for people that want to get a deeper understanding of what we really know about nutrition and disease.

Bart may surprise you with his understanding. He is a former senior lecturer in clinical physiology (both cardiovascular and respiratory), and in exercise physiology, nutrition, research methods, and statistics.

Bart has published several peer-reviewed research and review articles, as well as book chapters, and More. Part of Bart’s mission is to set the record straight about the facts and fallacies in Nutrition and physiology!

Whether or not you agree with Bart, you’ll most likely be inspired to reconsider what you think you new when it comes to diet, nutrition, and performance.

Here are some of the questions we go through below:

Many people believe a plant-based diet is the most healthy diet, and some people believe a fully vegan diet is optimal. Why are they wrong, and what could go wrong with their health if they follow a diet like this?

What are the top lies circulating Vegan or Plant-Based Diets?

When confronted with the idea that a vegan diet is not healthy, many vegans will refer to vegans they are aware of that have grown up on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and seem very healthy. Examples of the people often referred to as models of health are Nimai Delgado (raised vegetarian and now vegan) and Nina and Randa (They have a channel on Youtube and are the daughters of Jeff Nelson who owns the website

Many Vegans have come to believe that soaking beans and boiling foods will nullify the effects of anti-nutrients found in plants. Is there some truth in this?

Can anyone thrive on a Vegan Diet?

When it comes to bodybuilding or demanding fitness activities, what types of foods are best for performance and recovery and what’s the most compelling evidence to support this?

What are the ideal foods for human consumption to thrive?

Many people have come to believe cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, and they associate eating animal foods with disease in general. Can you speak about this and explain why it’s not a concern?

Is there a place for fruit in the diet?

Is there an agenda to get people eating more plant foods? If so, are the people promoting this agenda aware that it’s potentially bad for health?

The 2 Types Of Diets Science Truly Supports

There are 2 ways of eating that can work for humans. One seems to be superior to the other, but the jury is still out.

One way is about eating high carbohydrate and very low fat and the other is about eating high fat and very little to no carbohydrates.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

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What’s your experience with diet? Are you already getting the results you desire? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

Here’s another video I did With Bart Kay

Ex Vegan What I Ate Simple Recipe

What’s good to eat and healthy too?

This simple ex vegan recipe may not appear to be something you’d eat for health, but it tastes great, and it might be good for you.

I’m always looking for the best solutions to being as healthy and fit as possible; I also like to keep things pretty simple.

This meal is something I made up recently and it tasted real good.

Since I started eating more meat, my blood pressure is lower than it’s been in years.

At my last visit to the doctor the nurse told me she doesn’t usually see blood pressure as good as mine all day long.

I’m not bragging; I just think it’s interesting that my blood pressure is so low now, and it was on the rise as a vegan. I’m sure a lot of other factors could have played into this, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

I hope you try and enjoy this food combination. Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this one on Things Very Good.

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Vegan To Eating Meat Again Cholesterol Changes

Is Eating Meat again after being vegan bad for your health?

Is a rise in cholesterol after quitting vegan a bad sign or could it be good?

Today I’m sharing 3 blood tests from when I was Vegan, and 1 from very recently.  The recent blood test from is after I switched to eating animal foods again.

The Vegan tests only show Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Blood Sugar, but my more recent test shows a much more comprehensive blood panel.

I’m not an expert on reading blood tests, so if you want to chime in with your expertise, please do.

That being said, there’s a big divide between Doctors regarding how to interpret the results of a cholesterol test.

Plant based doctors and some others, will argue that lower cholesterol is always good, but there’s a growing number of Doctors that believe it’s more about Cholesterol ratios, and that higher cholesterol doesn’t always mean health problems are on the horizon.

The evidence regarding the lipid theory is being questioned by groups like the Weston A Price Foundation and many people following Ketogenic and Carnivore Diets.

If you are interested in this argument, you might find the film FAT interesting. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

In the video on this page, you’ll see my actual blood test results, and I give you my opinion, based on what I’ve learned.

On my Dad’s side of the family, a lot of people including my Dad have had heart problems.  My Dad had angina, so it’s surprising to me that I’d be eating more cholesterol foods.

The above being stated, I’m not worried about it.  I think eating quality foods makes a difference, and I can always eat more plant based for a time to get my cholesterol levels down.

Very recently I did a week long experiment of eating only foods from animals.  I became interested in this way of eating as a result of listening to a lot of Ex Vegans, and also a few people that believe eating mostly meat is ideal for humans.

Dr. Shawn Baker, is someone that I respect, and his knowledge and experience really opened me up to eating more animal based foods.

Shawn Baker’s book, The Carnivore Diet, is available at the this link.

You can also join his Carnivore Training program at this link HERE!

What are your thoughts?  Should I be worried about the rise in my cholesterol?  Am I headed down the wrong path.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about what I’ve shared here, or your own experience with changes in your blood related to changes in your diet.  Please share your thoughts below.

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Vegan To 1 Week Carnivore Diet Experiment


Vegan To 1 Week Carnivore Diet Experiment

Ex Vegan Tries Carnivore – Will I Make IT?

Ever thought about eating only Meat and other foods derived from Animals?

Eating only meat was far from me a year ago, as I thought it was unhealthy.  I was also Vegan, which made it practically unimaginable.

If you grew up when I did, you probably learned that eating meat was associated with Heart Disease, Cancer and other diseases.

Now, eating Vegan is on the rise, and a lot of experts are promoting it as the best diet for you and the planet.

So Why Eat A Carnivore Diet?

Thanks to a few people I’ve come to learn about, I’ve went away from a Vegan diet to see if eating more animal based foods could benefit my health.

That’s what’s led me to this experiment. After incorporating some animal foods, I did notice some seemingly good changes.

Recently, I started learning about pretty miraculous changes people going on the carnivore diet were experimenting, and that got me even more curious.

I hope you’ll follow me through this experience to gain some insight about the carnivore diet for yourself.

If you’re interested in reading The Carnivore Diet Book, you can pick that up HERE!

You can also join Shawn Baker’s Carnivore Training System at this LINK!

The 1st day eating carnivore was easy, but different than I expected. I’ll be posting videos for the rest of this week if you’re interested in seeing my full experience.

Days 2 & 3 Eating Carnivore

You saw above how my 1st day of carnivore was and now I’ve shared everything I ate on days 2 & 3 in this carnivore update.  More is coming through the week.

My 5K time was not as good as usual, but it might not be related to eating carnivore as I’ve explained in the video.

I’m definitely getting a lot of my calories from organic milk and cream. I’m not sure if many other carnivores are doing this, so I’ll look into that a little more to see if it’s recommended, and report back what I find as the week goes on.

At this point, I don’t feel like it will be hard to make it through the week, but I think I will be happy to have green smoothies and some of my other favorite foods again when this week is over.

On Day 4 Something happens, so don’t forget to check back and see.

So Days 4 & 5 Of My Carnivore Diet Experience Are Live Below Now!

Was that a little bit too much information?

Days 6 & 7 of the Carnivore Diet Experiment have arrived, and this is my best video about the experience so far.  It might even get you laughing.

I’ve included a wrap up the day after finishing a week of eating only animal foods to sum things up.  I also consume my 1st plant source food since I started eating carnivore in the video.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing this week long carnivore experiment with you.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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17 Percent Body Fat To 11 Percent Body Fat Transformation

My Continuing Body Fat Loss Loss And Body Composition Change

I’m Sye and if you’ve been following me on Things Very Good you may already know that I intentionally began losing weight not too long ago.

When I reached my original weight loss goal, I created a video called “Fat Loss The Only 3 Things That Matter,” and I was very happy to reach that goal.

Now, I have an update for you to see the continuing weight loss and body composition changes.  When I originally created things very good, I made a video explaining what Things Very Good was about.

I also wanted you to see where I was so you could see my transformation, and hopefully be inspired to make changes for the better in your own life.

Below is my latest video “Fat Loss Transformation Update 17 Percent Body Fat To 11 Percent Body Fat

I hope you enjoy it.


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5 Minutes Abs for Every Day Core Conditioning

I have to admit it, the weakest part of my body was always my core strength. Therefor I used to overdo ab workouts even though I have never even liked them. They were always hard to do for me since my core strength wasn’t there to help me through the workout.

I kind of managed somehow since I was always active in my life and was in shape most of the time. I have strengthened my abs just enough to not have any physical problems and have enough core power to feel strong and balanced.

However throughout the years this situation got worse and worse and then I got under the spell of the idea that if one does enough exercise, there is no need for extra, specific abs and core workout. Tell you honestly, I was just relived that there is any kind of scientific study that gives me an excuse not to have to work on my abdominal muscles. So I didn’t research it too long, I jumped on the wagon and didn’t do anything for my mid section other than staying active, as I have mentioned that before and sticking to my regular workout routine, which has contained sometimes less sometimes more whole body exercises, which made me believe that my abs are taken care of.

Then things got even worse. I got blessed with three kids 🙂 After my third pregnancy my abdominal muscles didn’t ever get to where they were before the pregnancies. I have read a lot about it and realized that this condition is quite common after a woman had several pregnancies. I had an opening about a two and a half finger wide, which means that I could fit two and a little of my third finger, put next to each other in the opening between my abdominal muscles. That’s the way people measure how wide the opening is.

First that discovery didn’t change anything and I still wasn’t doing any abs strengthening exercises. Since I had that condition, I believed its better to leave it alone now, until my ab muscles close.

But they didn’t and sometimes the opening actually widened instead of getting better. I also had a pouchy look to my stomach, to my lower abdominals, giving the illusion that my tummy was poking out, when actually I just had weak ab muscles and the opening enabled a bulging, which didn’t cause any pain, discomfort or physical problems, I was happily doing long runs, 30-60 minutes whole body exercises, even worked out with heavy weights, and the bulging wasn’t really a bulging, it just felt like it 🙂

Then I have started to reconsider of the idea that one doesn’t have to do extra ab moves, if the person is active and what I have described above. I have slowly, a little even too slowly, after several years, started to realize that unless I do something about it, my situation is going to be worse and worse. One day I have decided to start to do ab workouts again and being the stubborn person I am I have jumped full hearted into working on flattening my stomach and work my core up to a power house.

Obviously that was a mistake. I wish I would have done more research on that subject. I don’t think its a common mistake to start to do lots of abdominal exercises but in my condition it was. I have worked out a lot and used heavy weights, then I have just started to do the same, incorporating ab workout routines every time I have worked out and even on days when I didn’t, I still challenged my mid section.

After about 5 months of doing that, I got injured with a hernia, right above the belly button. That was the peak of the mistreating of my stomach area for several years or maybe even decades. That was the unavoidable sign that I had to change something about that.

The hernia was minor, an easy fix, but it kept me thinking…
I have started to research everything about open abdominals and abs generally. I have read everything I cold about these two subjects and I have made a plan.

I had to learn how to live with open abdominals and how to make the condition better and I had to educate myself about how to strenghten the core generally. All of the research in these two subjects benefited me tremendously.

Finally I had hope, that I can turn the years of abuse around and build a power house, a foundation for my body in a healthy, most structured and scientific way.

However, I didnt go to far with my enthusiasm. I did some changes. I have learned what abs exercises to do and how to do popular abs exercises to actually narrow the opening in my abdominals and create a steel hard core. First I have only done the alternated,open abs workouts, then later, when I have felt strong enough and saw that I am ok, started to add common ab moves.

I still havent enjoyed them tremendously, but I didnt hate them anymore and expected great results from my plan. I have seen improvements right away and I should have stayed with my routine, but I didnt. As soon as I have gained my strengh and confidence back and flattened my belly more than ever before, I have fell into the old habit of ignoring the mid section. Here and there I still have incorporated ab workouts but not near enough.

Just recently, in the last year I have finally decided to do abs regularly, remebering all the smart things I have learned and experienced throughout the years. I did incorporate a minimal amount of abs in my workout days a couple times a week, max. it was more about, “Abs, checkmark” kind of feeling.

Now I am done with old habits and old believes and hopes that one day my tummy will magically flatten and strenghten itself. It won’t. Now don’t give me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I am in shape and proud of my body, I dont feel like my stomach is bulging out. (But is sure feels like it sometimes).

I just want to develop and maintain the strongest core I can possibly can, through regular, daily exercises. I calculated that about 10 minutes abs a day, 6 times a week will get me the famous results I am looking for, and this time it would be hard to change my mind about it.

I just needed some good abs workout routines.

So let me introduce to you my first, 5 Minutes Abs Challenge video, which hopefully will be one of many in the future to come. In this video I focus a lot on the obliques, creating a nice, welcoming frame for the lower and upper abdominal muscles.

As I said, I will do them for about 10 minutes a day, about 5 days a week. In the case of this video, since it’s 5 minutes long, I will do the routine twice, starting the video again, when it’s over.





Debating The Ketogenic Diet

Debating Keto

The video I’ve posted here is a talk between James Grage, Dr. Osbourne, and Whitney Reid about the Keto Diet.

Update: Since I created this post, the video was removed from Youtube.  I apologize because it was such a helpful video for understanding the keto diet.  I’ll do the best I can to find another video that is as informative about keto diets as this one was.

They are not so much debating the ketogenic diet, as they are having a friendly and informative conversation about it.

Keep in mind these folks have tried the keto diet and Dr. Osbourne has helped many people to do some form of what people refer to as the Keto Diet.

I’ve posted it because it reveals a lot of truth about Keto and being in ketosis. (Update: The debate video about ketogenic diets was removed so I replaced it with another video from Dr. Brett Osborn)

Right now there’s a lot of interest in doing a Keto Diet, but most people don’t really understand what that means, and many people believe they are following a keto diet, but they are not actually in ketosis.

This video clears up a lot of the confusion and will help others to really understand what they are getting into when they are considering following a diet like this.

Some of the questions answered are about the ketogenic diet are:

  • Can you build muscle mass while you are in Ketosis?
  • Do you need to be in Ketosis to lose weight?
  • What does it really take to be in ketosis?

There are many other questions answered about the Ketogenic Diet in the video, and if you have the patience to listen to this talk, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll probably be a little surprised even if you are familiar with Keto.

Thanks to James Grage for creating this video.

Sye Rodriguez
Things Very Good