Vegan VS Meat Eater Nutrition Science With Bart Kay

Bart Kay Answers Questions About Diet And Nutrition Science From An Unusual Perspective

Today I interviewed Bart Kay, the Nutrition Science Watchdog on the subjects of Diet and Performance.

I think this interview will be interesting for people that want to get a deeper understanding of what we really know about nutrition and disease.

Bart may surprise you with his understanding. He is a former senior lecturer in clinical physiology (both cardiovascular and respiratory), and in exercise physiology, nutrition, research methods, and statistics.

Bart has published several peer-reviewed research and review articles, as well as book chapters, and More. Part of Bart’s mission is to set the record straight about the facts and fallacies in Nutrition and physiology!

Whether or not you agree with Bart, you’ll most likely be inspired to reconsider what you think you new when it comes to diet, nutrition, and performance.

Here are some of the questions we go through below:

Many people believe a plant-based diet is the most healthy diet, and some people believe a fully vegan diet is optimal. Why are they wrong, and what could go wrong with their health if they follow a diet like this?

What are the top lies circulating Vegan or Plant-Based Diets?

When confronted with the idea that a vegan diet is not healthy, many vegans will refer to vegans they are aware of that have grown up on a vegan or vegetarian diet, and seem very healthy. Examples of the people often referred to as models of health are Nimai Delgado (raised vegetarian and now vegan) and Nina and Randa (They have a channel on Youtube and are the daughters of Jeff Nelson who owns the website

Many Vegans have come to believe that soaking beans and boiling foods will nullify the effects of anti-nutrients found in plants. Is there some truth in this?

Can anyone thrive on a Vegan Diet?

When it comes to bodybuilding or demanding fitness activities, what types of foods are best for performance and recovery and what’s the most compelling evidence to support this?

What are the ideal foods for human consumption to thrive?

Many people have come to believe cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, and they associate eating animal foods with disease in general. Can you speak about this and explain why it’s not a concern?

Is there a place for fruit in the diet?

Is there an agenda to get people eating more plant foods? If so, are the people promoting this agenda aware that it’s potentially bad for health?

The 2 Types Of Diets Science Truly Supports

There are 2 ways of eating that can work for humans. One seems to be superior to the other, but the jury is still out.

One way is about eating high carbohydrate and very low fat and the other is about eating high fat and very little to no carbohydrates.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

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