NXT NXTRND Mouth Guard Unboxing and Review

Is The NXTRND Mouth Guard For You?

Today on Things Very Good we are reviewing the NXT NXTRND Mouthguard we are currently using for Jiu Jitsu.

The video below includes unboxing the mouthguards, preparing them for use and our opinion of the NXTRND mouthguards based on our experience using them.

Please check the links below the video if you decide to get one.

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Our Conclusion About The NXTRND Mouth Guard

The Good:

  • The instructions are clear and it’s easy to fit your mouthguard.
  • These mouthguards do a good job at protecting your teeth.
  • The price is right – You get 2 in a package.
  • The size worked for my 11 year old son and myself, and I’m 48 years old at the time of making this video.

The Bad:

  • These mouthguards are a little chewy and it’s tempting to clench your teeth on them. They might not last too long.

I’ll update this post when the mouth guard is no longer usable. For now I’m happy with mine because it’s doing what it’s intended to do – protecting my teeth during Jiu Jitsu practice.

The price is right and reviewers have currently given this particular mouthguard an average of more than 4 out of 5 stars.

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Have you tried this Mouthguard?

Do you have a favorite Sports Mouthguard?

Please let us know by commenting below. We always appreciate learning about great products at Things Very Good.

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