Bart Kay Challenges Gil Carvalho On Nutrition Science Advice

Bart Kay Vs Gil Carvalho | A Review Of Vegan Nutritional Advice With An Ex-Vegan

Today I had a talk with Bart Kay. We watched a video by Dr. Gil Carvalho while Bart critiqued Gil’s advice.

You might be shocked at what Bart had to say. If you’ve bought into the ideological teachings of Veganism, you’ll probably even be mad.

Whatever you believe about food and nutrition science, the things Bart says will make you question just how much you know.

This is my 2nd time creating a video with Bart. I respect his views and his mission. He’s “a former senior lecturer in clinical physiology (both cardiovascular and respiratory), and in exercise physiology, nutrition, research methods, and statistics. “Part of Bart’s mission is to set the record straight about the facts and fallacies in Nutrition and physiology!” Quotes from Bart’s Youtube channel, BartKay – Nutrition Science Watchdog

I like that Bart says exactly what he thinks.

Below is the main video we critiqued. Under the video I’ve added direct quotes from Dr. Gil Carvalho, and I’ve included the minute marks in the videos where I got the quotes from.

Gil Carvalho, MD PhD

Professional scientist answers nutrition questions

2:25 Minute Mark “Saturated Fat Raises Our Cholesterol Levels And Our Risk Of Heart Disease, That’s Established.”

3:45 Minute Mark: Regarding Eggs compared to oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. “So if we are talking oatmeal and fruit, yeah, that’s going to be more health promoting.”

5:00 Minute Mark: “The more saturated fat you eat, the higher your blood cholesterol level, up to that very high end range where it starts to level off.” My question. Is it safe to go that higher level, or is it a concern at all?

5:20 Minute Mark: The experts are in agreement that raising our HDL, what people call our good cholesterol doesn’t really help, doesn’t lower our risk of heart disease? Is there any truth in this?

5:40 Minute Mark: Do we need to eat meat to be healthy? “The truth is, we don’t; We can be very healthy without meat, or even any animal product.” 6:08 Minute Mark: “Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to eat meat.”

6:16 Minute Mark: There’s no nutrient in meat that we can’t find somewhere else.” “It’s absolutely a choice.”

6:46 Minute Mark: You’re getting more protein than you need, whether you choose to eat animal products, or not.”

7:38 Minute Mark: “Same with calcium; you can get it from animal products, like dairy, or you can get it from plants, your call.” “Some of the richest sources of calcium are plants; things like Kale, Collard Greens. They have more calcium than milk, and it’s actually more bioavailable.”

8:12 Minute Mark: Regarding Iron: “You can get it from animals or plants; Plenty or iron in both.”

8:25 Minute Mark: “Heme iron is a pro-oxidant that’s been linked to a number of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.”

9:19 Minute Mark: “What’s the deal with vegetarianism/veganism? Is it healthy?” “Yes, it can be an extremely healthy lifestyle; No, you’re not going to be deficient in any nutrients, and you may be at lower risk for some common diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, for example

10:04 Minute Mark: Regarding B12 “B12 Deficiency is surprisingly common, even among people who eat animal products.” “There’s 3 basic sources of B12, animal foods, fortified foods, and supplements; and they’re all equally effective.” “It’s a personal choice.”

10:46 Minute Mark: “So the science just keeps revealing new risks associated with the consumption of animal foods.” 11:02 Minute Mark: “As the amount of and frequency of consumption of animal products rises, the risk of disease also rises.”

11:24: “What’s important is that you try to get the bulk of your nutrients, and the bulk of your calories from whole plants.”

Regarding Studies on Meat: 11:54 Minute Mark: “So the general picture is pretty clear, which is why the recommendations are so consistent; To favor fruits and vegetables and legumes and whole grains, and go easy on the saturated fat and the cholesterol”

Generally Dr Gil is recommending that people try to keep their cholesterol low. Should people want lower cholesterol?

What our ancestors ate doesn’t matter | Keep’n it simple:

2:30 Minute Mark: “Not eating enough whole grains is one of the main causes of disease and death world wide”

3:15 Minute Mark: “The modern scientific evidence says we don’t need meat.” 3:26 Minute Mark “Ideally we want to try to get most of our calories, including protein, from whole plants.”

The Game Changers | Addressing the Controversy

4:30 Minute Mark: “Every leading expert or nutrition scientist will tell you essentially the same thing; Lots of fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the processed foods, red meat, and high fat dairy.”

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What kind of diet do you follow? Did you enjoy Bart’s critique of Dr. Gil Carvalho? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s my original interview with Bart Kay

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