City Market & King Soopers Best Value Healthy Foods

My Kroger Stores Healthy Grocery List In Video

If you’re looking for the best value on healthy foods at City Market, King Soopers, or one of the many Kroger stores, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s Things Very Good video I take you into City Market with me and show you my wife’s and my favorite deals on healthy foods.

More Than 36 Years Combined Experience Of Finding The Best Deals On Healthy Foods

My wife and I have been searching for great deals on Healthy foods long enough to know what the best deals on quality healthy choices are.

  • We were Vegan for many years so we learned how to source all of the best deals on Plant-Based Foods over the years.
  • When we started to Eat animal foods again we wanted to do it as healthy as possible and gained a lot of experience sourcing the best animal foods available at the best prices.

We desire to share our experience with you so you can eat healthy without having to pay too much.

I hope you enjoy our video and take advantage of the great deals we share on healthy foods at Kroger stores.

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Did we leave any of your favorite deals on healthy foods at City Market or King Soopers out? Please share your favorite deals in the comments section.

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