Meet Kevin And Make More Money

I Would Like You To Meet Kevin

This video about Kevin Paffrath and is the 1st of my videos about people on Youtube that I think are great.

This is Things Very Good, and of course, I like to share about good things.  I’ve known this for a long time, but I’m kind of a people person, and I’ve always enjoyed people that have good things to share.

I expect to create more videos about other people and this one is about Meet Kevin.

I like Kevin because I think he’s a generally likable person to start with.  He’s also incredibly bright.  He shares information that’s helped me, and I think you might benefit from him too.

I 1st learned about Meet Kevin from a video about how much money he makes on Youtube, called “How much Youtube Pays Me vs Graham Stephan

I’ve since learned he is a realtor and knows something about investing. More recently he’s been covering government stimulus money and I’ve benefited from watching his videos financially.

That’s why I’m sharing Kevin with you today.

Kevin is an entrepreneur and I appreciate that he provides so much value as a YouTuber without you having to invest in his courses.  Although I haven’t yet purchased a course from him, I might at some point.

I’ve went through a lot of online courses; Everything from true Junk to courses with very valuable information that have helped me to make a pretty good amount of money.

When it comes to quality Kevin’s youtube videos are better than many of the paid programs you can purchase online, and I suspect his courses provide even more value.

This is how good Kevin is. One night I was listening to Kevin talk about a US stimulus package and I had to tell my wife that Kevin is almost unreal because of how bright he is.

The way Kevin speaks, and the knowledge he presents, make it obvious that he has a high understanding of the information he shares; Even if he didn’t, his confidence would make you believe he did.

Maybe you already know about Kevin, but in case you didn’t I thought it could change your life for the better to learn about him.

You’ve probably heard that you become like the people you associate with most, and the qualities that Kevin exudes are certainly the kind I wouldn’t mind being influenced by.

In case you are wondering, I’m not getting paid by Kevin to make this video. As of the time I’m making this video, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know who I am, but maybe this video will change that.  If you’re listening Kevin, thank you for all you’ve shared.

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Did you like this video about Meet Kevin?  Should I do more videos like this?  Please let me know.

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