Who Is Q?

Introducing Q

Maybe you think you know about Q and maybe you’ve heard the mainstream media talking about Q recently.  Whether you care about Q or not, I’m going to share something very interesting and possibly entertaining with you.

1st, Let me give you a little background.  I 1st heard about Q from one of my cousins at least a couple of years ago.

I thought the concept of Q seemed a little interesting, but I was very skeptical about buying into any kind of information coming from an anonymous source.

I was also getting some information, that was supposedly coming from Q, and I was very skeptical about that information.

I truly had no idea about Q, and basically didn’t care because of my skepticism; I didn’t want to try and decipher the true meaning of some anonymous person’s messages.

Later, I became suspicious that Q could be a part of a CIA disinformation project and could be completely misleading people.

Enter The Present Time

I was very skeptical about the narrative behind the current virus scare and now I’m beyond skeptical.  The virus is not what this is about though, so stay with me.

I was searching for information to see the other side of the virus thing and realized it was very difficult to find information that questioned the main narrative.  As a result, I figured out new ways to search and found many others were questioning the narrative as well.  These people were being shadow banned or even having their videos deleted.

The more I searched, the more I saw Q popping up, but I didn’t want to check Q out.

One day, a documentary was shared with me called “Out Of Shadows!”  I don’t think Q was mentioned in that documentary, but I realized the subject matter was related to things I had heard from others that were getting information from Q.

Out Of Shadows led me to a video series called “Fall Cabal” or “Fall of the Cabal,” which contained similar information; Q seemed to be the source claimed by the creator of this series.

If you haven’t seen Fall Cabal, I do recommend you check it out, but you need to be aware of a couple of things 1st.

One, it’s very dark, and the subject matter is tragic.  I have fact-checked a lot of it, and some things don’t check out, so always be skeptical. That being said, I could verify that a lot of it was true and completely shocking.

Now we get to Q

I searched “who is Q” on Youtube and found a channel by a person called Austin Steinbart.  At 1st I thought Austin was doing a parody of Q; kind of making fun of Q.  I soo realized Austin Steinbart was saying he was Q, and he had a lot of information that completely checked out as true, and the information was very in-depth.

Now whether or not Austin Steinbart is Q or Baby Q, as you’ll learn, he is someone very entertaining and full of information, that will probably make you think more critically than you did before.

Have you heard of the US Space Force?  I hadn’t until watching Austin, but now I know about it.  There’s a lot more coming from Austin that is very interesting, and I highly recommend you check out every video on his channel.

Whether or not you believe him or think he’s Q, you’ll probably feel something good from watching his videos, and his videos beat most Netflix movies as far as entertainment goes.  You’ll definitely find yourself thinking about some things you haven’t thought about before.

So, Austin got me thinking more about Q and I had to find out whether or not he was truly Baby Q and if Q was legit at all.

Enter X22 Report. Thankfully another family member introduced me to Q through X22, which you can check out for yourself.

I’d say this is a pretty reliable source for anyone wanting to really understand Q and the message.

Here’s what I know about Q:

Q wants you to understand what’s going on and from a perspective of doing the research yourself.

  • Q wants to unite people in truth.
  • Q is a movement that is going to be responsible for a revolution and revelations like we’ve never seen before.
  • Q will help you to see the world more clearly.
  • Q will help you to become smarter, as you fact check Q, and see reality more clearly.

So, the bottom line is Q is helping people.  People creating content like X22 are giving people information that’s far better and more trustworthy than the mainstream media.

That being said, as Austin Steinbart has pointed out, it’s good to be aware of the Q Pharisees.  These are the people that want to be sole interpreters for Q, and they don’t want you thinking for yourself if you disagree with them.

So now you know.  Q is a movement you should be aware of at least, and you’ll probably be inspired by once you get a little taste of it.

There’s a lot more to know, but what I’ve given you here is enough to get you started.  Also, the fact that I’ve shared Austin Steinbart’s channel with you is one of the biggest Q gifts I could give.

As I said, Austin might not be Q, but it’s hard not to like him once you’ve gone through his videos.  He’s going to give you the most entertaining introduction to Q that I’ve seen.

From there the X22 report will open you up to see more truth through your own research.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared here today, and I highly recommend you check out those Austin Steinbart videos 1st, just because of who this guy is.


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