I Quit Caffeine For 60 Days! What Happened?

I Quit Caffeine For 60 Days!

As you may know, back on September 16th, 2020 I decided I was going to go a full 60 days without caffeine.

Today is the 60th day, and I’m here to tell you how it was, if I cheated, how I benefited or didn’t benefit, and what the experience was like overall. Basically, is quitting caffeine worth it?

Let’s get into it!

1st of all, I had told you I was going to see if I could increase our income, so did I?

The answer is, I didn’t increase our income a lot, but I did get almost all the way through a real estate course I had started, and I will probably be finished with the final section of the course this week.

So at least I have potentially opened up a new door for income.

In addition, I did meditate almost every day during the 60 days, which did seem to help me deal without the caffeine, and it probably helped me in other ways as well.

Let’s get into some of what I expected to happen as a result of quitting caffeine.

I expected to be super healthy during the time I wasn’t drinking caffeine. I thought I’d feel way better.

The truth is, I did feel more stable or grounded, overall, but I didn’t feel as good as I expected to.

That being said, I learned that as long as you’re addicted to something, it’s easy to think that addiction is the cause of most of your problems, and I don’t think that’s true anymore.

Quitting Caffeine for 60 days did help with some things though.

The 1st and most obvious 1 for me is that I slept better overall.

I also noticed I didn’t feel stress in my body as much. For example sometimes at night, my legs would feel like they needed to move when I was in bed and it made it difficult to sleep. I don’t think I had that problem at all during these last 60 days.

In addition, realizing not all my problems were related to caffeine made it easier to look deeper and see myself more honestly.

In regard to physical performance, I have improved overall in my strength and endurance. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with not having caffeine; It could be related to the fact that I’ve been training longer, but there might be a relationship between the physical improvements and not having caffeine.

So Did I Cheat?

I think I kind of did cheat during the 1st 30 days, so let me explain.

I drank hot chocolate 9 times during the 1st 30 days. Do you consider that cheating?

I had justified it, thinking it has far less caffeine than tea, but I ended up feeling guilty, and I decided the final 30 days would not include anymore Hot Chocolate.

What is interesting is, even though there is less caffeine in hot chocolate, I had withdrawals each time I had it and didn’t have it after, and it was like a roller coaster.

It made me more aware of how seriously caffeine affects me, even in small amounts.

The final 30 days were much easier than the 1st 30 without the ups and downs caused by the hot chocolate in the 1st 30 days.

I can say there are 2 sure benefits that could be worth quitting caffeine for or at least have a break from it periodically.

The 1st is having fewer ups and downs and being more steady in general. With that feeling, I realized I was looking forward to things that were generally good for me, and I wasn’t getting sidetracked by caffeine. I did more of what’s important to me.

The other is the self-confidence gained. This is kind of spiritual, but when you don’t give in to compulsions, you are forced to deal with whatever is going on with yourself at a deeper level.

That could translate into doing what’s truly important to you, or just doing what you need to do. One way or another, that builds self-confidence on a foundational level.

So what’s the verdict? Will I drink caffeine again after not having it for 60 days?

The answer is probably yes. I have enjoyed tea, and I don’t think I want to give it up completely, at least at this point.

That being said, maybe when I drink caffeinated tea again, I’ll realize I don’t want to have it as often because of how it affects me.

The bottom line is, I’m not worse off for having quit caffeine for the time I have, and I’ve moved a little closer to greater income as a result of the knowledge I’ve gained while I wasn’t drinking tea with caffeine. I’m definitely thankful for this experience.

So what about you? Do you see yourself taking a break from or quitting caffeine?

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