Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only

Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only

Starting Weight 160.39 Pounds or 72.75 Kilograms

Today I’m starting a 2 Day Ginger Tea and Water Only Fast, and I’m very excited about it because it’s part of an experiment I’m doing that could be very valuable to me and YOU!

Why? You might ask!

Let me give you a little perspective to understand where this is coming from.

There’s a guy Eli Martyr and he claims to eat mostly fruits and small portions of greens and rarely some kind of nuts.

In addition, he’s been claiming he rarely eats more than about 1200 calories and it can be less. He even said he sometimes eats only 1 or 2 cantaloupes in a day, which comes out to about 300 to 600 calories.

At 1st I didn’t believe he was doing this at all because he looks pretty fit, although a little skinny.

I listened to him the other day and he said some pretty profound things that made me wonder if there’s a possibility he is doing what he says he’s doing, and he could potentially be experiencing a pretty unique level of health compared to others.

The basic insight comes from the idea that our bodies run best when our cells are the cleanest.

In addition, he believes that fruit is the best food for having the cleanest healthiest cells and that you don’t need to have as many calories when your body’s cells are very healthy.

He suggested that a person try eating the same food for 3 days in a row to see just how much your body likes a particular food, and of course, he thinks fruits are the best.

Well, 3 days is a long time, and I think a person can learn quite a bit in 2 days; Hence, I’m starting with the 2-day ginger tea fast. The day this 2-day experiment ends I’ll start with new food, which I’ll reveal at the end of this video.

I won’t stick exclusively to plant-based foods while I’m doing this though because I believe animal foods are valuable at this point.

This is a series and I suggest you follow because I think it’s going to be very interesting what I discover and I don’t know anyone that’s done anything quite like I’m starting here with this Ginger Tea fast.

The idea for these 1st 2 days is to do everything I normally do as if I’m not fasting at all, and let the essence of my body become that of what’s in ginger tea and water; Then make the next 2 days about a new essence of a different single food, and then continue with 2-day cycles of other foods.

I believe I’ll learn how well my body tolerates individual foods this way, and we’ll see what other insights are gained from making things so simple for a while.

I’m starting healthy and well-nourished so I feel good about going 2 days fasting on water and ginger tea to start things out. As I continue with the 2-day experiment following the ginger tea, I won’t add salt or anything else to any food I eat to truly experience that food in isolation. The only exception might be drinking tea without caffeine like rooibos or ginger when I’m having the other single foods, but I’ll let you know all of the details.

Some of the Health Benefits Ginger offers are the following:

  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Weight Loss
  • Regulation of Blood Sugar
  • Increased Gut Motility
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Hormone Function
  • Improved Cognition (Memory)

Day 2 Ginger Tea Fast:

Weight = 158.1 pounds or 71.7 kilograms

As the night went on and into today I noticed I was becoming more and more hungry to the point of feeling famished. It’s hard not to think about the next food I’m going to have exclusively for 2 days which I will reveal at the end of this video.

Being in a fasted state makes me feel very thankful for all that I have and it makes me appreciate food even more.

Though the night I felt a little weaker when I woke up to use the restroom.

On the good side, fasting is such a spiritual experience that it has the potential to be life-changing in a good way. For me, it enhances meditation and my connection to God.

At the same time that I feel very hungry, I do feel like fasting has a very healing effect on the body and that’s what I’m focusing on. I think fasting reveals your weaknesses and helps to heal them, both spiritually and physically.

Ending Weight 70.45 Kilograms or 155.3 Pounds

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