I Eat Only Grapes For 2 Days

What Happened When I Ate Grapes Only For 2 Days?

Starting Weight 70.45 Kilograms or 155.3 Pounds

For the next 2 days starting now, I’m eating exclusively grapes. This is significant but it’s even more significant considering I haven’t eaten anything for about 60 hours and I’ve been fasting exclusively on Ginger Tea and Water.

To understand the experiment in its entirety I recommend you watch my video “Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only

I give you a lot of context for what I’m doing in that video and I believe what I’m doing is pretty groundbreaking.

I’m very excited to have my 1st grapes on camera here in a minute.

I have to admit fasting for 2 days on Ginger Tea and Water only was a little difficult and I woke up last night feeling like my body wanted to move, kind of like a restless leg syndrome but more in my arms. I was able to go back to sleep after about an hour and slept fine for the rest of the night, but it was an uncomfortable feeling.

So, for the next 2 days, I’ll be eating only grapes and letting my body see what that’s like and how it likes it. When I finish the grapes I won’t be going back to eating normally; I’ll continue with another food exclusively for 2 days and I’ll reveal that food at the end of this video.

I’ll be going to work out in a minute and I’ll let you know how the workout went after 2 days of only ginger tea and eating my 1st grapes here in a minute.

I’m so excited to eat the grapes so I’ll do that now in front of you so you can see my reaction.

I’ll see you after my workout.

The 1st handful of grapes were amazing. I started to feel a strange feeling in the back of my throat after that but it was still enjoyable to eat some more, but not too much.

I ate until I felt I didn’t want to eat anymore which wasn’t a whole lot.

Day 2 Grapes Only Starting Weight 70.45 Kilograms or 155.3 Pounds

As I went through the day yesterday I started to think that fruit is overrated, and I kind of think it is.

I could be wrong about fruit, but I could only eat about 1000 calories of grapes yesterday and I just didn’t want anymore. If Eli Martyr has it right, maybe it’s because my body doesn’t need more than that.

We’ll see what happens today, but starting today I feel good. I haven’t had anything but a little water so far and my body feels rested. I had about 9 hours of sleep last night.

I was thinking through the night that I might have to stop this challenge earlier than I thought because I was imagining my body getting backed up and not functioning properly from some single food. Now, I feel like I can go on but I need to look more into people that have eaten large amounts of the foods I want to try.

I craved beef more than anything yesterday, and I felt I was full of the grapes and their sugar; That feeling had me craving something savory.

All things said, I think fasting might be better for healing than eating grapes exclusively, but I do feel better overall than I did at the end of the fast. Things are starting to normalize and my body doesn’t seem to be in stress mode from not having any food.

After getting to the end of the challenge, I can say that grapes were good overall, it’s just difficult to eat enough to meet calorie needs. At times it feels like my body is full of sugar and I crave something savory.

I did feel really good when the grapes were completely digested and my mind was very clear.

Join me tomorrow when I start eating exclusively Almonds for 2 days to see how I do with that.

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