I Ate Only Almonds For 2 Days

What Happens To The Body When You Eat Only Almonds For 2 Days

Day 1 Almonds Only Starting Weight 70.45 Kilograms or 155.3 Pounds

Today I started eating only almonds which I will continue for today and tomorrow. This is a continuation of 2 day back to back challenges of eating only one food.

The basic idea of this challenge is to see how a single food affects the body and get an idea of whether or not it could be a staple food.

If you haven’t already seen my video “Fasting On Ginger Tea and Water Only” I recommend you check it out to get the full context of this experiment.

On the 1st day of eating only almonds I managed to eat 12 ounces of almonds but it wasn’t easy. As the day went on I felt for sure that almonds are not a food a person can eat a lot of. I have some concerns about how almonds might affect me, and I’ll get to those very soon.

At the end of this challenge, I will also reveal what my next food will be for the 2 days following the almonds-only challenge.

Going into eating only almonds I was expecting it to be a great experience because I was so hungry and I was thinking it would be nourishing. My conclusion is that almonds don’t feel like a nourishing food to me so far.

I had a concern that my bowels might not move well with the almonds and I’m yet to find out if that is true, but at times they have felt like a lump in my belly.

I want to say that I do believe almonds can be very good, as they are high in vitamin E, B vitamins, and protein, but in small amounts. As the 1st day progressed into the evening I started to feel the side effects of eating almonds and those included headaches and an unsettled stomach. I also felt a little sweaty and like my body had too much of what might be considered anti-nutrients in the almonds.

By the end of my last almonds meal, I felt they tasted like cardboard and that the overall experience was not as good as eating only grapes for 2 days.

I pretty much decided it would be dangerous to eat almonds the following day and that I would fast for the whole following day so I could complete the 2 days on nothing but almonds.

Closer to bedtime, I felt much better but pretty sure I wasn’t going to eat almonds again the next day, and that I would never eat such a large quantity again. By the way, the quantity I ate was a total of 11 ounces which came out to be about 1800 calories, which is still not what I need to maintain my body weight.

During the night, I had a very spiritual experience. I had to ask God for help because I felt like the almonds were just sitting in my stomach and had fears of my body not being able to make it through the challenge.

I had to dig deep, but I found there was more in me as I prayed for guidance from God. I got out of bed and meditated and things started to change. I believed I could make it through the challenge and continue more 2 day challenges back to back but that I probably wouldn’t be able to eat any more almonds the 2nd day.

You may have seen the TV show “Survivor” I was reminded of how players were starving and without much sleep for days at a time, but they still competed in challenges and endured the conditions of the outdoors where they were playing.

I had a renewed hope and realized I would do my workout the following day, which I had been wondering if I should do or not.

In addition, I realized this experience is making me a better person because it’s showing me my body and mind can take a lot more than I thought they could. That being said, I give thanks to God, and I believe my relationship with God is what makes me who I am.

I was also concerned about not having enough sodium since I’m not using any salt for these back-to-back single food challenges, but I believe I can still go a lot further now.

Day 2 Almonds Only Starting Weight 70.95 Kilograms or 156.42 Pounds

I woke up a little tired and timid today but was ready to face my workout from the renewal experience I had during the night.

I feel it would be better for me to fast the whole day today, but I may eat some almonds today in much smaller quantities to see if they affect me differently on day 2 than day 1, if I don’t eat as much.

I worked out today and I felt strong and performed well. My body seemed to have a lot of integrity compared to what I’m used to, so it’s truly amazing what the body can endure when it’s in good condition, and of course when you can ask God for help.

I Ate More Almonds

I did eat about 2.2 ounces more of Almonds and that was enough to make mot want to eat them for the rest of the day. They tasted better than the day before because I was very hungry when I ate them, but they seemed to have the same side effects as yesterday. I had a headache and my stomach felt like the almonds weren’t moving through me very well.

I fasted as the day went on after that and I felt pretty good after my body had completely digested the almonds. I did notice the start of a little stiffness in the back of my neck.

I did a lot of online research regarding fasting and foods and discovered something called Hyponatremia. I think there is a possibility I might have some minor signs of this condition which occurs when your blood sodium levels drop; It can be fatal.

Knowing the seriousness of this condition I decided to drink water with a pinch of salt in it during the night as a little security against this condition. I’ll update you further on this in my next video which is “I Eat Only Watermelon For 2 Days”.

So now you know, I’ll be eating exclusively watermelon for 2 days and we’ll see what that’s like. You’ll want to see that video and at the end of the watermelon video, I’ll reveal what I’ll eat after 2 days of watermelon. I’m very excited about that food because I think it’s going to leave me feeling better overall.

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