I Ate Only Eggs For 2 Days

Here’s What Happened When I Ate Eggs Exclusively For 2 Days

Starting Weight 69.2 Kilograms or 152.6 Pounds

Starting today I’m going to be eating eggs exclusively for 2 days. If you’ve been following this channel you are probably aware that this is the 7th 2-day challenge of eating 1 food exclusively.

If you’re not familiar with what I’m doing I recommend you watch the 1st video in this series called “Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only”.

The basic idea is to see how single foods affect the mind and body; Also to see how sustaining they are and if they can be a staple food item.

I”m going to have to eat at least 30 eggs to get anywhere close to my daily calorie needs and that’s a lot of eggs.

The 1st Egg Meal

So I just finished the 1st egg meal and it was good. I enjoyed eating 10 eggs and they went down pretty quickly. I cooked them very gently so the yolks remained mostly raw; There’s a lot of nutrition in the yolks and the less cooked they are the better they are for you.

I’m expecting to eat some of the eggs raw, and I know that’s not recommended because of possible Salmonella infection.

I am taking precautions against Salmonella; 1st of all I’m eating eggs from small family farms where the possibility of Salmonella infection is less likely. In addition, I’m going to blanch the eggs in boiling water for several seconds to kill any bacteria on the outside of the eggshells where it normally exists.

Keep in mind what I’m doing to protect against Salmonella is no guarantee and I’m not recommending you try raw eggs specifically. I’m doing this because I have eaten raw eggs and I like the way they affect me normally; I also want to eat the eggs in different ways to see how each affects me.

The Raw Eggs

I did eat raw eggs and about 3 hours later everything moved out of my body. I did have concern that I may have been infected with Salmonella because my stomach felt a little strange. I didn’t feel sick, but not quite as good as I normally feel.

I ate hard-boiled eggs later that evening and I didn’t enjoy them at all. I think I was just too full of eggs.

I ended up eating a total of 24 eggs the 1st day which put me at about 1637 calories, making me about 700 calories short of what I need to maintain my body weight.

Day 2 Eggs Only Starting Weight68.6 Kilograms or 151.2 Pounds

It’s day 2 of eating only eggs and I’m not very inspired to eat any. I have 6 hardboiled eggs I prepared last night so I’m going to eat them even though I’m not inspired to.

The hard-boiled eggs were not pleasurable to eat but I did manage to get 5 of them in me, so I’ll eat the last one later.

Egg Dinner Day 2

I ended up scrambling 9 more eggs for a total of 10 eggs for dinner including the leftover hard-boiled egg.

I was very hungry but it was still hard to get through 10 more eggs. Thankfully the scrambled eggs were much more enjoyable to eat, so it made it a little easier to finish them.

I could only eat a total of 15 eggs today so that’s only 1023 calories. As hungry as I am, I still can’t imagine eating another egg today.

Concluding The 2 Day Egg Fast

To sum the egg-only eating experience up, I have to say it was one of the most difficult of the 2-day challenges so far. I do appreciate eggs and will eat them again, but I think they are best in small amounts for the most part.

I also think eggs taste much better with a little salt butter and milk. Eggs are very nutritious and they do taste good with many things, but plain eggs for 2 days is not my idea of fun.

I do feel my brain was sharp during the egg-eating challenge, so that’s good.

If I had to say my favorite foods during the challenge I’d say for taste and a general good feeling, watermelon and grapes were the best. For feeling nourished and strong and getting enough calories, I’d say the Beef and Milk were the best.

What do you think about these challenges? Have you been following them? Did they give you any insight? Please feel free to comment and share this experience with others if you enjoyed watching me go through this.

As for tomorrow, I’m excited that I’ll be eating whatever I want. Tomorrow’s foods will be foods I consider health-promoting, but they will definitely be more than 1 food.

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