Fasting On Milk Only For 2 Days

I Drank Only Milk For 2 Days And Ate Nothing!

Starting Weight 68.95 Calories or 151.2 Pounds

Today I’ve started a 2-day challenge that involves drinking only milk and not eating anything else. You could call it a milk fast.

If you want to get the full context of why I’m doing this you should start with the 1st video in this series called “Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only”.

This is the 11th day of back-to-back 2-day single food eating challenges. The basic idea is to see how the body and mind perform eating single foods exclusively for 2 days.

I’m down about 9 pounds from the starting weight of these 2-day challenges and that’s largely because it’s been difficult on several of the foods to eat enough calories.

I”m expecting to be able to meet my calorie needs drinking milk though because I like it a lot and I think it’s going to be easier to get more calories in with it.

The 1st Drink Of Milk

The 1st drink of milk was great. I drank 600 calories in 1 quart of milk starting off and I’m expecting to drink a whole gallon. I do love the taste of whole milk but I’m guessing I won’t be as excited about drinking milk exclusively by the end of tomorrow.

I managed to drink a whole gallon of milk today and I’m feeling very full of milk but I do feel good. I’ve noticed throughout these challenges that every food creates a different kind of feeling and it’s difficult to say which one is the best.

I do feel good on milk, but I may have even felt better on beef. Although there were some downsides to the watermelon, I did feel great a lot of the time, although a little hungry.

2nd Day Milk Only Starting Weight 69.35 Kilograms or 152.9 Pounds

It’s day 2 of drinking milk only and I’m wrapping this challenge up. I’ll reveal the next food I’m going to be eating exclusively for 2 days here shortly.

I can say that I’ve felt good on milk. I drank less milk today because I didn’t want to feel so full of it like I did yesterday, and I wanted to appreciate it deeply when I drank it.

I only got through 3 quarts or 1800 calories of milk on this 2nd day, but I did enjoy it more and I’ve felt very good. That being said, all single foods have gotten old by the end of the 2nd day and I’m ready to move on from milk as well.

I did play a game of sit-down tag with my kids tonight and they are very fast at this point. Normally when I play a game like this with them I feel worked by the time it’s over. This time I felt like I just had a good workout. I think that says something good about the body’s performance on milk.

I also slept well on milk.

The Next 2 Day Challenge Of 1 Food Only Is

Starting tomorrow I’ll be eating eggs exclusively for 2 days. I’m expecting it to be very sustaining but it might get old quick. Make sure to come back to the channel and subscribe so you don’t miss out on what’s next.

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