I Ate Only Beef For 2 Days

Eating Only Beef For 2 Days Was Not Quite What I Expected

Today I’m starting 2 days of eating exclusively Beef. This is my 5th back to back 2-day challenge of eating only 1 food for 2 days.

Starting Weight 69.7 Kilograms or 153.7 Pounds

I want to know for myself and give you insight into what it’s like to eat beef exclusively. Will it be the best food in the world? Will I feel Great? Will it be completely different than I expect it to be?

If you want to get the full perspective of why I’m doing this, please refer to the 1st video in this series called “Fasting On Ginger Tea And Water Only

I’m going into this challenge very hungry as I’ve only eaten about 3 days’ worth of my total calorie needs in the last 8 days. I’m thinking beef is going to be one of the more nourishing foods and my body is going to thank me.

In addition, eating beef breaks my 8 days of vegan food challenges and that’s exciting because I generally like eating animal foods these days.

So I’ve had my 1st meal of beef and although it was very plain without salt or seasoning it did taste pretty good. I boiled the beef so it would be as health-promoting as beef can be.

Although I liked it, it started to get very rich after eating about 1/2 pound so I had to stop so I wouldn’t feel bad.

After having eaten it, I noticed my body got very relaxed and I also felt a little sleepy. I was wondering if the sleepy feeling had anything to do with my body getting real nourishment from the beef that I wasn’t getting enough of from the foods in the challenges of the previous 8 days.

My thinking was that my body might not have been able to relax enough, even when I was sleeping, while I was doing the single plant food back-to-back challenges because they weren’t nutrient-rich enough for my body to fully relax.

I wondered if the relaxing sleepy feeling might be a result of my body trying to heal, but I’ll probably know better after getting a good sleep tonight and eating beef again tomorrow.

Part 2 – Beef Is Not What I Thought It Was!

I had my 2nd meal of beef which was part of what was leftover from the 1st. I had put it in the refrigerator and decided to eat it cold.

I was surprised at how unenjoyable it was to eat ground beef cold. It didn’t taste good, but when I ate the fat on the plate with the ground beef it tasted pretty bad; Kind of bitter and weird, but I still imagine it must be nourishing.

I have generally felt good today, but the experience of eating this beef cold and having it be so unpleasant made me question my thoughts that tell me beef is one of the most health producing foods. I suppose it could be, even though it was so strange to eat this way, but this experience of eating Beef is so much different than I expected it to be at this point.

I came into this experience feeling hungry and that the beef was going to be the best thing I’d eaten in these challenges up to this point, but it turns out that in certain ways, it’s the worst so far.

I’m going to have to see how the rest of today and tomorrow go to get the full picture, but I’m a little surprised that I’m not loving this a lot right now.

Beef For Dinner

I just ate more beef for Dinner and it was a lot more pleasurable to eat than any other time today. It was 5% leaner, so that might be part of the reason why. It was also warm instead of cold, so that helped.

I feel just okay, but not great. My body feels strong, but I feel more tired than usual and my eyes are a little heavy. I also feel like my body will take a while to digest which doesn’t feel great.

I’m not used to eating this much beef at a time. I used to eat about a pound 1 time per day but then I switched to about 1/2 pound; I think my body is just not used to this amount.

Tomorrow will be my 1st workout on beef only so it’ll be interesting to see how I do. Another thing that’s a little different is that I’m on zero carbs today because of eating only meat. That’s not something I experience a lot so let’s see how it plays out.

Another observation is that my nose is producing a lot of mucus which I’m not used to. I’m not saying I never have mucus, but I haven’t had much for the last week with the other foods, and I rarely produce as much as I am right now.

Eating Beef Only Day 2 Starting Weight 68.95 Kilograms or 152 Pounds

The 2nd day of eating beef was good. The beef tasted good to me and I felt good all day long. I can say it got a little bit boring to eat towards the end of the 2nd day but I never felt like I was anxious to get started with the next 2-day challenge, so I could eat another food.

I unexpectedly went to the sauna today with Csilla of YouTube Channel BestBabe007 and I sweated a lot. That being said, I decided it would be a good idea to have a little Himalayan Salt in water; I had a 1/4 teaspoon. I didn’t intend to have salt during this time, but after reading and learning a lot about Hyponatremia I thought it would be smart to have a little more salt since I have had so little sodium over the last 10 days.

This morning I had a spiritual experience. It involved feeling joyful and thankful to God for all that I have. I felt so good and I feel like God showed me how to get out of my mind and into my body; How to connect to my heart instead of my brain.

I know that might sound a little WooWoo but I believe it’s something so transformational that I imagine it will have profound effects on the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll make a video about exactly this experience to get into this.

Summing things up, I can say of all of the 2-day challenges so far, I felt the best on Beef and the Watermelon was the most satisfying to eat.

From here I’ll go directly into my next 2-day challenge of eating 1 food exclusively and that next food is a drink. I’m going to be drinking only milk and eating nothing for the next 2 days. I have to say, I’m very excited because I love Milk.

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