Debating The Ketogenic Diet

Debating Keto

The video I’ve posted here is a talk between James Grage, Dr. Osbourne, and Whitney Reid about the Keto Diet.

Update: Since I created this post, the video was removed from Youtube.  I apologize because it was such a helpful video for understanding the keto diet.  I’ll do the best I can to find another video that is as informative about keto diets as this one was.

They are not so much debating the ketogenic diet, as they are having a friendly and informative conversation about it.

Keep in mind these folks have tried the keto diet and Dr. Osbourne has helped many people to do some form of what people refer to as the Keto Diet.

I’ve posted it because it reveals a lot of truth about Keto and being in ketosis. (Update: The debate video about ketogenic diets was removed so I replaced it with another video from Dr. Brett Osborn)

Right now there’s a lot of interest in doing a Keto Diet, but most people don’t really understand what that means, and many people believe they are following a keto diet, but they are not actually in ketosis.

This video clears up a lot of the confusion and will help others to really understand what they are getting into when they are considering following a diet like this.

Some of the questions answered are about the ketogenic diet are:

  • Can you build muscle mass while you are in Ketosis?
  • Do you need to be in Ketosis to lose weight?
  • What does it really take to be in ketosis?

There are many other questions answered about the Ketogenic Diet in the video, and if you have the patience to listen to this talk, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll probably be a little surprised even if you are familiar with Keto.

Thanks to James Grage for creating this video.

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