17 Percent Body Fat To 11 Percent Body Fat Transformation

My Continuing Body Fat Loss Loss And Body Composition Change

I’m Sye and if you’ve been following me on Things Very Good you may already know that I intentionally began losing weight not too long ago.

When I reached my original weight loss goal, I created a video called “Fat Loss The Only 3 Things That Matter,” and I was very happy to reach that goal.

Now, I have an update for you to see the continuing weight loss and body composition changes.  When I originally created things very good, I made a video explaining what Things Very Good was about.

I also wanted you to see where I was so you could see my transformation, and hopefully be inspired to make changes for the better in your own life.

Below is my latest video “Fat Loss Transformation Update 17 Percent Body Fat To 11 Percent Body Fat

I hope you enjoy it.


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